Friday, March 11, 2011

Herriman Drill Instructions and Guidelines.

Fellow Hams,

As most of you have already heard, this Saturday is the Herriman Emergency
Preparedness Drill.  As Ham Radio operators, we are opening up an
information net beginning at 8:45am to get a list of all the ham radio
operators participating for the day as well as to briefly discuss the new
213-6 form that was developed with the help of CERT, UFA, and UPD.  We look
forward to participating in the drill with each of you.  Below are some
points to consider as Saturday draws closer:

1)  If you have one of the city Go-Kits, we hope that you are planning to
participate.  If you aren't, we would like to get the kit into the hands of
someone who will be assigned to one of the fixed station locations.

2)  For those of you with HTs.  We recommend that you check to make sure
your batteries are fully charged.

3)  The weather forecast for Saturday morning is for mostly cloudy skies
with tempatures in the upper-30's at 9am rising to upper-40's by noon.
Please plan accordingly as some of our assignments may require some mobile

4)  When you check into the net on Saturday morning, please be prepared to
tell Net Control if you have been pre-assigned to a location.  We understand
that some of you will report to an Incident Command before you receive your
assignment.  Just let us know which Incident Command you are reporting to.
Then, if you accept an assignment that takes you away from your Incident
Command, please inform Net Control so that we may provide you with a
Tactical Call.  Remember that at the end of the day, you will need to check
out with your Incident Command.  Also, please check out with Net Control so
that we know who is available on air to receive communications.

5)  The Incident Command Trailer will be deployed to UFA Fire Station #123.
Herriman City operations will be based at that location.  We will not be
running Net Control from that location.  Net Conrol will be centrally
located so you should not have issues communicating with someone.

6)  We will be operating on two frequencies.  Our primary frequency and the
frequency that will be operated by Net Control will be 146.46 MHz.  All
operational messages should be passed on this frequency.  An example of that
communication will sound similiar to the following:

*Herriman South Mobile 1:*
"Net Control, this is Herriman South Mobile 1.  I have a message for
Herriman South Incident Command"

*Net Control:*
"Herriman South Mobile 1, proceed with you message on acknowledgement from
Herriman South Incident Command"

*Herriman South Incident Command:*
"Mobile 1, This is Herriman South Incident Command, I'm prepared to copy
your message.  Proceed"

*Herriman South Mobile 1:*
<Transmits message here -- preferred 213-6 form>

*Herriman South Incident Command:*
"Mobile 1, I copy your message.  Returning to Net.  Herriman South Incident

7)  Please be prepared to prioritize your messages based on the
classification that is provided on the needs of the message.  If Immediate
attention is requested, it will obtain first priority for radio traffic.
Organizational Reports will be held until there is available airtime, or
they may be shifted to the secondary frequency based on numbers of operators
at the city to receive that traffic.

8)  The secondary frequency is 146.400.  Please be prepared to switch easily
to that frequency to transmit logistical traffic and/or organizational
reports as directed by Net Control.  Then return and report back to the
primary control frequency.  This is a critical step as it lets Net Control
know that you are back and ready to receive additional traffic.

9)  Finally, we ask that you make an effort to fill out station logs and
213-6 forms for your station traffic.  At the end of the drill, please turn
those forms into your Incident Command.  We would like to collect those and
drive further training from them.  We learned during the fire that we need
to work on this area of communications.

We hope that we hear each of you on the air Saturday.  It will be an
exciting morning.


Herriman Amateur Radio Club

Thursday, March 3, 2011

HARC Field Manual

The HARC Field Manual is available via our blog, see the page list at the bottom of the banner (at the top) for the details. 

A big thank you to Lance, Damien and Coralee for compiling the forms!  So Be Ready Herriman - HARC, the drill is March 12th.

Please comment if you are having any issues getting to the files on the "HARC Field Manual" page.