Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Club Meeting Saturday April 9th, 11:30 am

Please plan to attend the HARC in-person meeting on Saturday April 9th, 11:30 pm at the new Herriman fire station on 4850 W Mt. Ogden Peak.

"Officially organize HARC" - this is required to get a club call sign for our repeater.
Calendar items - Field Day, etc.


  1. I live right next to the High School in Herriman and would like to get involved with the club. Who do I contact? -Brian KF7AIM

  2. Hello Brian,

    Listen on the Repeater 449.250. The tone is 118.8. There you will find all kinds of news-our in person meetings, the kinds of activities we will be doing in the coming weeks, ham radio classes available for people who want to get their licenses, and more. Our in person meetings are on the second Saturday of the month, and they are being held at the new fire station. It's a great club, very educational and fun at the same time.


    Brian KE7WYS

  3. Hello again Brian,

    I forgot the mention, the 449.250 net is on Sunday at 9:00 pm.

  4. Thanks Brian! I'm sorry to say that even though I've had my license for over a year, I don't have a radio yet and I've never used my privileges. I ordered a nice handheld which should be here on Thursday, but I do have a scanner that I will be monitoring the frequency with tonight.


    Brian KF7AIM

  5. You are welcome. You can to our club meeting the Saturday at 11:00 am too, if you like. That will be at 4850 W. Mt. Ogden Peak Dr. at the new fire station. Take care.